Very Funny!! 10 Hilarious Lies Every Nigerian Child Was Told By Their Parents When Growing Up


How time flies? That’s one of the questions that usually occupy our minds when we remember our childhood days because growing up is always very memorable especially in Nigeria.

Maybe then, it didn’t feel completely spectacular but fast forward a few years, you’ll find yourself cracking up as you recall those childhood days when our parents told us a lot of childhood myths probably to scare us into good behavior.

You’ll laugh your heart out in awe as you remember these myths in today’s article, lies every Nigerian child was told.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Here are the 10 Hilarious Lies Every Nigerian Child Was Told When Growing Up…

1. “Rain Is Falling, Sun Is Shining, Lion Is The Backyard Giving Birth”

We just hope say the Lion don born finish at last 

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