Ladies: 15 Facts About The Vagg*na Every Woman Should Know – If You Dont Have S*x Regularly Please Take Number 5 Very Seriously

As fascinated as our society can be about the female body it is surprising to know that most women still don’t know the basic facts about one the most important o*gans in their body; the v*gina. Talking about the female s*x o*gan is usually considered a taboo topic from a young age, so most of us have limited knowledge about it. Even as ad*lts, we shy away from talking about issues that deal with our s*xuality as women forgetting that knowledge is power.

When we know the facts about our body we are better informed to take care of it and even to handle our doubts when something unusual is happening to us. On this note, today our focus will be 15 facts about the vagina so in case you missed out on the topic as a teenager, here is everything you need to know now

Below are 15 facts about the vag*na every woman should know – if you dont have s*x regularly please take number 5 very seriously

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